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Smart border gate promotes Vietnam-China economic ties

The northern border province of Lang Son is continuing to upgrade the digital border gate model, moving towards building a smart border gate.

The smart border gate model is expected to be an effective solution to promoting the clearance of goods across the border, contributing to the socio-economic development of both Vietnam and China.

In the process of deploying the digital border gate platform - a new and unprecedented model, basically, the implementation of all levels of authorities and functional forces has received the support of the business community.

Pham Tuan Hoang, Deputy General Director of Huu Nghi Xuan Cuong Joint Stock Company, a logistics service provider at Huu Nghi border gate, said that firms have cut costs by promoting digital transformation while improving the customer experience and enhanced internal management utilities.

"We also wanted to be able to connect with the software of the state management agencies to exchange messages about technology, goods, and people who cross the border in a faster and more convenient way, instead of the traditional, manual way like now", Hoang said.

Currently, each agency in the border area such as Customs and the Border Guard has management software according to their assigned tasks.

For example, the customs force uses the software of the General Department of Customs; border guard forces use the immigration management software of the Border Guard High Command.

Therefore, the implementation of the digital border gate platform still faces some difficulties in connecting and sharing data between the platforms and the information systems of ministries.

Many also believe there should be a connection between these systems and the digital border gate platform so that there is a seamless, transparent and uniform connection of information, in which agencies in the border gate area will play the role of "cross-monitoring" to minimise lack of transparency in the operations of the forces.

Nguyen Anh Tai, Deputy Director of the Customs Department of Lang Son province, said that the digital border gate platform should be managed effectively through the management of user accounts.

Then each account is attached with specific responsibilities as the digital gateway platform is officially applied and issues related to system administration and data management in the gate platform will be solved.

The number of quotas will be guaranteed, meeting the requirements of state management.

The problem here is what functions the digital border gate platform will perform synchronously on the smart customs system, we would continue to review, develop and report to relevant agencies how to formalise, Tai said.

The Lang Son Customs Department will continue to train staff, and arrange the professional chain on how to both operate the smart customs system and operate the digital border gate platform, helping these two systems to support each other and helping customs operations be more transparent and clear, Tai added./.