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Sixth News Agency World Congress convenes final session

The sixth News Agencies World Congress (NAWC) convened its final discussion session in the Bulgarian capital city of Sofia on June 14.

Deputy General Director of Vietnam News Agency Le Quoc Minh at the event (Photo: VNA)
During the two-day four sessions, participants pointed out global-level trends, opportunities and challenges to news agencies and looked into ways to diversify income sources, build effective ownership models and process to fight fake news, and use artificial intelligence.

In an interview granted to Bulgarian News Agency, Deputy General Director of Vietnam News Agency Le Quoc Minh said the strong development of social media is pulling the press into a speed race that, in some cases, neglects the core requirements. In order to diversify income, he suggested producing contents with paid subscription, promoting ads or sponsored contents, or seeking other solutions such as e-commerce, data service and information technology.

The sixth NAWC attracted over 200 delegates from more than 100 press outlets, universities, research institutes and major media outlets from about 100 countries and territories globally.

The four sessions featured news agencies’ ownership model, new income sources, fake news and artificial intelligence.

The first NAWC was initiated by Russia’s TASS news agency in Moscow in September 2004, followed by the second in Spain in 2007, the third in Argentine in 2010, the fourth Arab Saudi in 2013, and the fifth in Azerbaijan in 2016.