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Seoul tourism promoted in Hanoi

The tourism agency of Seoul held an event in Hanoi on September 3 to promote the capital city of the Republic of Korea (RoK) to Vietnamese travellers, with the participation of Korean firms and 130 travel and aviation enterprises of Vietnam.

In the recent three years, the number of Vietnamese tourists visiting the RoK rose about 40 percent per year, making Vietnam one of the major markets of the RoK and Seoul in particular.

At the programme, the organisation board introduced new destinations in Seoul and a new tour to attract more Vietnamese visitors who are interested in the culture, entertainment and beauty sectors of the RoK.

The three-day tour will bring tourists to traditional cultural destinations in the RoK, studios where famous movieswere filmed, shopping malls, beauty clinics and fashionable clothes shops.

Last year, nearly 500,000 Vietnamese tourists visited the RoK, up about 41 percent over 2017.