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Security ministry announces list of victims of UK lorry incident

One day after announcing the information affirming that all the 39 victims in the incident of the container truck, detected in Essex county, northeast of London, on October 23, are Vietnamese, the Ministry of Public Security on November 8 evening officially announced their identities.

After determining the victims’ identities, Vietnam’s relevant authorities have contacted each bereaved family to provide them with information related to the victims.

The victims include:

1. Dinh Dinh Binh, from Hai Phong
2. Vo Nhan Du, from Ha Tinh
3. Cao Tien Dung, from Nghe An
4. Nguyen Tien Dung, from Quang Binh
5. Le Van Ha, from Nghe An
6. Nguyen Ngoc Ha, from Quang Binh
7. Nguyen Van Hiep, from Nghe An
8. Tran Ngoc Hieu, from Hai Duong
9. Hoang Van Hoi, from Nghe An
10. Nguyen Ba Vu Hung, from Thua Thien - Hue
11. Tran Manh Hung, from Ha Tinh
12. Nguyen Huy Hung, from Ha Tinh
13. Nguyen Van Hung, from Nghe An
14. Vo Van Linh, from Ha Tinh
15. Tran Hai Loc, from Nghe An
16. Nguyen Dinh Luong, from Ha Tinh
17. Pham Thi Tra My, from Ha Tinh
18. Vo Ngoc Nam, from Nghe An
19. Tran Thi Ngoc, from Nghe An
20. Nguyen Van Nhan, from Ha Tinh
21. Bui Thi Nhung, from Nghe An
22. Tran Thi Mai Nhung, from Nghe An
23. Pham Thi Ngoc Oanh, from Nghe An
24. Nguyen Huy Phong, from Ha Tinh
25. Nguyen Minh Quang, from Nghe An
26. Dinh Dình Thai Quyen, from Hai Phong
27. Nguyen Trong Thai, from Nghe An
28. Bui Phan Thang, from Ha Tinh
29. Phan Thi Thanh, from Hai Phong
30. Cao Huy Thanh, from Nghe An
31. Le Ngoc Thanh, from Nghe An
32. Tran Thi Tho, from Nghe An
33. Tran Khanh Tho, from Ha Tinh
34. Hoang Van Tiep, from Nghe An
35. Nguyen Dinh Tu, from Nghe An
36. Nguyen Tho Tuan, from Nghe An
37. Duong Minh Tuan, from Quang Binh
38. Dang Huu Tuyen, from Nghe An, and
39. Nguyen Thi Van, from Nghe An./.