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Sand dunes – magnet for tourists in Binh Thuan province

Sand dunes – magnet for tourists in Binh Thuan province  


The south-central coastal province of Binh Thuan is endowed with sand hills and dunes dubbed as “little deserts,” which have supported the development of eco- and sport tourism.

Sand dunes in Mui Ne whose colours change depending on the angle of the sun or cloud cover, are ideal for kite-surfing and hiking. Meanwhile, the endless sand hill Trinh Nu is suitable for camel riding and jeep tours.

The sand dunes have attracted crowds of international tourists, painters, poets and photographers who come to find inspirations for their works.

Lee Joo Yun, an expert from the Republic of Korea (RoK), said he had learnt about famous sand dunes in Binh Thuan earlier, which offer great views of sunrise and sea.

The sand dunes have also provided materials for sand paintings, which are special souvenirs of Binh Thuan province.

Le Thi Ngoc, from Phi Long Sand Painting Company Ltd., said tourists are excited to learn about the art, and many have bought them as gifts for their relatives and friends./.