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Russian military experts share stories of wartime in Vietnam

Russian military experts have shared their memories of their time working in Vietnam during the war in the sixth volume of a Russian-language book which tells the stories of those who defended the country far from their homeland, which was introduced at an event in Moscow on February 19.

Nearly half of the book’s pages focus on the stories told by Russian military experts about their memories in Vietnam. Photographs they captured during that time are also used in this book.

Head of the association of former Russian military experts in Vietnam Nikolai Kolesnik, one of the book’s contributors, said that thanks to support from the Soviet Union, the air defence missile force of the Vietnam People’s Army was formed, which contributed to Vietnam’s victory against the enemy.

At the event, participants were entertained with performances performed by Soviet Union veterans, including two songs about the Vietnam People’s Army in Russian language.

Tens of thousands of Russian experts devoted their youth to helping Vietnam regain independence and reunification. In recognition of their great contributions, the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese State have conferred many noble orders to the former experts, who continue to work for the Vietnam-Russia friendship at present.