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Russian Major General recalls Vietnam’s war to defence northern border

It is the courage and resolve of soldiers of the Vietnam People’s Army that contributed to the victory of the northern border defence war in Vietnam 40  years ago (February 17), said Russian Major General Viktor Demyanenko.

Demyanenko was among 21 officers of the former Soviet Union (present-day Russia) sent to Vietnam to help the country during the struggle to defence its northern border in 1979.

The 90-year-old Major General told a Vietnam News Agency’s correspondent that he is proud to be one of the three people who advised then Party General Secretary Le Duan to withdraw a major army corp from the southwestern border to assist the northern border.

The corp, together with the BM-21 rocket artillery unit, created a shield protecting Hanoi capital city, he recalled.

Demyanenko lauded courage of local forces, especially civil defence force, during the struggle, saying Vietnamese people followed President Ho Chi Minh’s teaching that “nothing is more precious than independence and freedom.”

He highlighted the tactics characterised by surprise attacks used by the Vietnamese army given a range of difficulties facing the country at that time.

Demyanenk, who worked for the military sector for 45 years, stressed that apart from a strong army, modern equipment and contributions of different forces, the strength is in patriotism and courage.

The Major General said he had always tried his best to protect Vietnam as his home country, and expressed his love for the Southeast Asian nation.