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Russian Lieut. Gen affirms just war of Vietnamese people to defence northern border

Lieut. Gen Porfiry Ivashko, one of the first experts and advisors of the former Soviet Union (now Russia) sent to Vietnam right after the northern border defence war began in the country 40 years ago (February 17, 1979), has asserted the just struggle of Vietnamese people. 

In an interview with the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Vietnam’s war to defend its northern border, Porfiry Ivashko said before being dispatched to Vietnam in February 1979, he spent time learning about the history, land and people of the Southeast Asian nation.

He highlighted the time-honoured friendship between Vietnam and the Soviet Union, and Soviet Union people’s material and spiritual support to Vietnam during resistance wars against invasion as well as their comprehensive assistance to the country in the northern border defence war.

Vietnam soldiers were very smart and could apply new military knowledge and technologies rapidly and effectively, the Lieut. Gen. said.

Despite difficulties, Russian experts and advisors stood side by side with the Vietnamese army and people during their just fight, while helping mobilise international support to the country. 

Russian experts were proud to join these efforts of Vietnamese people, he noted.

Porfiry Ivashko shared hardships Vietnamese people suffered during the pro-longed anti-US war, and stressed that the Soviet Union always backed Vietnamese’s just struggle to protect their national independence.