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Resolution on National Assembly’s supervision programme in 2020 adopted

The National Assembly adopted a resolution on the legislature’s supervision programme in 2020 in the morning of June 10, as part of the 14th NA’s 7th session.

Under the programme, the 14th NA’s 9th session will consider the Government’s reports on supplementary evaluation of socio-economic development and State budget performance in 2019 and first months of 2020, a report of the NA Standing Committee on the supervision of settlement of petitions submitted by voters to the NA’s 8th session, and reports of relevant agencies. Question-and-answer activities will also be conducted at the 9th session.

A thematic report on the supervision of the implementation of policies and laws on the prevention and fight against child abuse will be submitted to the 9th session.

The 10th session of the 14th NA will consider the Government’s reports on the implementation of socio-economic plans and state budget in 2020, the 5-year national financial plan (2016-2020), and the mid-term public investment plan (2016-2020).

The session will look into the socio-economic development plans and state budget estimate and budget allocation plan for 2021.

Reports on the implementation of the NA’s Resolutions 24/2016/QH14 (on economic restructuring during 2016-2020) and 100/2015/QH13 (approving investment in national target programmes in 2016-2020) will also be tabled for discussion.

The NA will examine anti-corruption work, the practice of waste, crime control and verdict enforcement, the implementation of the Constitution, laws and NA’s resolutions, and reports on settlement of voters’ complaints and petitions. 

Other items on the supervision programme include reports on the operation in 2020 of the NA’s agencies, the Government, the Supreme People’s Court, the Supreme People’s Procuracy, the State Audit, among others.