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Rare storks appear in northern Dien Bien province

Hundreds of co nhan (a kind of openbill stork with the scientific name Anastomus Oscitans) have been spotted in fields in Dien Bien district in the northern mountainous province of Dien Bien, over the past week.

The stork is a rare bird listed in Vietnam’s Red Data Book – a list of rare and endangered species of fauna and flora native to the country.

The provincial Sub-department of Forest Management said the appearance of the birds showed the province had a diversified environment for animals and it was suitable for the valuable birds.

The birds were seen in dozens of fields in the area.

Experts from the Dien Bien Sub-department of Forest Management said that it was not the first time co nhan had appeared. This year, the birds migrated to the area a bit later than normal.

Pham Van Khien, deputy director of the department, said the department, in coordination with the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and the people’s committee to develop a plan to protect the birds.

This type of stork is often seen in South and Southeast Asia. It weighs between 1-1.5kg and is about 50cm in height./