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Quang Tri inspects high-risk vessels to fight illegal fishing

Quang Tri inspects high-risk vessels to fight illegal fishing With intensified checking of high-risk vessels, the central province of Quang Tri had reported no fishing boats and fishermen violating the regulations against illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing (IUU) as of April 17.

The province has so far inspected 100% of the vessels with a length of 24m and above, while its rate of fishing logs collection reached 99.8%.

Quang Tri has found 57 boats with a length of between 6m and under 12m that have yet to obtain fishing licences. To tackle this, the local competent agencies have guided the owners on related procedures.

Provincial authorities have also assigned the local border and police forces and localities to tightly monitor and strictly handle fishing vessel owners who operate without complying with anti-IUU measures; and to prevent those showing signs of illegal fishing in foreign waters.

With a 75km coastline and traditional fishing grounds, Quang Tri is well-positioned to develop fisheries.

Last year, the province caught nearly 27,000 tonnes of seafood, which is expected to increase this year. The seafood is used as materials for processing factories and for export. The sector generated direct jobs for 16,000 workers in 16 coastal communes and townships.

Local fishermen have so far received assistance in the form of preferential loans to build and upgrade their fishing vessels and equip them with effective global positioning systems./.