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Quang Ninh reintroduces green sea turtle into the wild

A green sea turtle, a rare reptile species, was released back to nature in Hai Ha district, the northeastern province of Quang Ninh, on September 16.

Representatives of authorities prepare to release the green sea turtle into the sea (Photo: VNA)

The animal is over 17kg in weight, about 60cm in length and 44cm in width. It was found by a local fisherman in his net on late September 15.

After that, the fisherman handed over the reptile to the forestry protection division of Hai Ha district.

The green sea turtle, scientific name Chelonia mydas, is an endangered species in need of protection.

Recently, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has approved a programme for conserving endangered sea turtles species of Vietnam until 2015, with a vision to 2030.

The programme aims to protect and sustainably develop the populations of the endangered species and their habitats, thereby helping to protect biodiversity in the country.