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Quang Ninh: Co To island’s Ho Chi Minh memorial site granted special national relic title

A memorial to late President Ho Chi Minh on Co To island in the northeastern coastal province of Quang Ninh received its certificate as a special national relic site at a ceremony on May 7.
On May 9, 1961, President Ho Chi Minh visited the island, the only destination he allowed to erect a statue of him during his lifetime. The memorial was built in 1968, recognised as a national relic site in 1997, and received its latest accreditation in mid-January this year.

At the ceremony, an art programme to kick off the island's tourism year 2022 also took place.

Earlier, on April 26, a 27.9m flagpole was officially inaugurated at the site, affirming Vietnam's territorial sovereignty and promoting national pride and patriotism./.