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“Proud of Vietnam” message helping promote country’s image

The video clip “Bao la Vietnam” (Immense Vietnam), performed by a range of singers at famous tourist destinations around Vietnam, was released on Facebook in June and attracted millions of views and shares. It was the first step in a new strategy from a major government agency to use social networks to convey a message of “Proud of Vietnam”.

Beautiful pictures of all parts of the country ... vibrant music and many famous singers in the clip ...

The video has attracted millions of views on social networks and been widely shared.

Meanwhile, the “Suc song Vietnam” (Vietnam Vitality) programme honours disabled and disadvantaged businesspeople who have overcome difficulties in the fight against COVID-19 and kept their businesses running.

Also launched was the message “Every citizen is a messenger” in the fight against COVID-19 and in promoting economic recovery.

Events bearing the message “Proud of Vietnam”, with each citizen acting as an ambassador, will help promote the country’s image while helping to boost investment and human resources development for businesses and society.