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Promoting ethnic Cham craft trade villages

Promoting ethnic Cham craft trade villages


Like many other traditional craft villages, the Bau Truc pottery and My Nghiep brocade-weaving villages of the Cham ethnic minority people in Ninh Thuan province have been at risk of falling into oblivion. In an attempt to give the villages a boost, local people have introduced unique products.

Clay mixed with sand is gradually transformed into a unique decorative ceramic pot through the skilled hands of Dang Thi Tuyet Hang.

This is a new line of fine ceramic products designed by Hang for interior décor and meeting the increasing demand among customers.

Bau Truc village currently has over 400 pottery-making households, or about 70 percent of ethnic Cham households in the locality, as well as one cooperative and 12 pottery production and trading establishments.

Instead of producing traditional ceramic products, the cooperative and production facilities have taken the initiative to add East-West and Cham cultural features into the production of decorative ceramic products and fine art pottery to create economic value.

Working with the pottery village, the Cham My Nghiep Brocade Weaving Cooperative is trying to change the direction of production. Skilled weavers in the cooperative focus on researching and restoring ancient brocade patterns combined with changing colours and weaving materials to retain the characteristics of traditional craft villages and meet demand among customers.

Cooperatives and production establishments have been promoting technical training for the younger generation, to preserve and develop the weaving and pottery trades. At the same time, the locality will mobilise resources to continue expanding production towards commercialising traditional products./.