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Project promotes young artists and cultural centres

A series of art and cultural events will take place in big cities from March 5 to 21.

Under a project funded by the EU and the British Council, people in seven cities and provinces such as the northern Ninh Binh, Hai Phong, Da Nang will have the chance to see and join in performances and activities by young artists and emerging cultural and creative hubs.

The performances are part of a three-year project to enhance capacity, build a network and provide legal and policy assistance for cultural and creative hubs across Vietnam. It also hopes to contribute to the sustainable development of a network of cultural and creative hubs.

This includes continuing support for independent artists and creative practitioners, nurturing artistic expression and creativity and offering a diverse cultural life for Vietnamese people.

The British Council has worked closely with the Vietnam National Institute for Culture and Arts Studies and six creative hubs to plan for a series of online or face-to-face art and cultural events.

Through these six key cultural and creative hubs, it is envisaged that the project impact will be transmitted to the entire network of cultural and creative hubs in Vietnam.

These events will offer an opportunity for cultural and creative hubs from different parts of the country to connect with each other and to work with artists and creative practitioners in designing and organising art and cultural events.

It will foster network building and capacity improvement for hubs across Vietnam, particularly for new and emerging hubs and those not in large cities.

Twelve event proposals that were selected to form In Progress – a series of art and cultural events which will be made by artists and art troupes such as Van Do, Ha Ninh, Dinh Thi Nhung, Pham Thi

Hoai Anh, Cheo 48h, Bluebird's Net in Hanoi; Mat Tran Ensemble and Old Soul. The artists will provide a visual or multi-media art exhibition, performing art, film screenings, workshops, street art, book launches, research presentations, interactive performance and more./.