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President urges stronger development of Vietnamese military science, art and culture

 President Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked the National Defence Academy (NDA) to step up research and development of Vietnamese military and defence science, as well as military art and culture.

President Phuc, who is also Commander of the Armed Forces and Chairman of the National Defence and Security Council, made the request during a ceremony marking the 45th anniversary of traditional day of the NDA in Hanoi on December 31.

He affirmed that one of the important matters is Party building in the army and training a contingent of cadres and officers for the Vietnam People’s Army with a strong political mettle, moral virtue, strategic vision and leadership capacity who could brave difficulties and take actions for common interests.

In such spirit, the President urged the NDA to continue improving training quality by actively renewing its teaching methods, closely grasp the situation and better its strategic forecasting ability to offer early counseling to the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defence, protect the ideological foundation of the Party, and continue suggesting measures to defeat all malicious plots by hostile forces, thus enhancing Vietnam’s position on the international arena.

President Phuc said the NDA needs to add and change new fighting methods to meet demand in the new situation, mobilise the participatioon of scientists at home and abroad in scientific research, expand and improve international cooperation, continue offering training to Lao and Cambodian senior military officers, and open multi-national training courses for defence officers.

The President expressed his belief that under the Party and State's leadership, and the direct helm of the Central Military Commission and the Ministry of National Defence, the NDA would develop stronger and reap greater achievements in the cause of education-training, helping to build a revolutionary, regular, elite and modern Vietnam People’s Army and firmly safeguarding the socialist Fatherland.

In his speech, NDA Director Associate Prof. Dr. Sen. Lt. Gen. Tran Viet Khoa said on January 3, 1977, the High-Level Military Academy (now NDA) opened its first training course. Over the past 45 years, it has organised over 400 courses and trained tens of thousands of high-ranking officers. Many of them had and have been taking important positions in the Party, State and army. It also offered 81 training courses for over 700 foreign senior military officers.

On the occasion, President Phuc presented a first-class National Protection Order to the NDA./.