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President Phuc receives US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate

The host leader spoke highly of Kerry’s efforts to help enhance the Vietnam - US relations, especially since the countries normalised their ties. President Nguyen Xuan Phuc received US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry in Hanoi on February 23, asking his guest to work for continued support of the US Government for Vietnam in this important regard.

The host leader spoke highly of Kerry’s efforts to help enhance the Vietnam - US relations, especially since the countries normalised their ties. He also applauded the significant outcomes of the recent visits to Vietnam by US leaders, especially the trip by Vice President Kamala Harris in August 2021, which have promoted the two sides’ comprehensive partnership.

Kerry noted the Vietnam - US comprehensive partnership has become increasingly substantive and fruitful since there remains much room for their cooperation, including in climate change response, and the two countries will increase cooperation to prepare for the UN Climate Change Conference 2022 (COP 27).

He added the US can help Vietnam during the transition to clean energy, especially solar energy, and that it has many ideas, financial sources, and manpower to help the Southeast Asian nation with the climate change issue.

The US can also assist Vietnam in carrying out digital transformation to serve socio-economic development, according to the Special Envoy.

Appreciating Kerry’s opinions, President Phuc stressed that Vietnam is working hard on climate change response and has decided to put an end to coal-fired power generation by 2050.

As Vietnam needs not only funding but also technology and manpower for developing wind, solar, and hydro power projects, it hopes for the US’ continued assistance, the President said.

He noted that Vietnam is facing serious impacts of the sea level rise, and asked the US to pay more attention to the lower Mekong River, which is the most vulnerable region to the problem.

Phuc said Vietnam highly values the aid and commitment from the US Government, including Kerry himself, to the settlement of war aftermath. It hopes that the US side will increase the budget for handling Agent Orange/dioxin consequences, clearing unexploded ordnance, supporting the disabled, and related issues.

Vietnam pledges to continue fully cooperating, in the humanitarian spirit, in the search for US servicemen missing in action, he stated.

The President added Vietnam welcomes the US’ increased cooperation in Asia-Pacific, thereby contributing more to regional peace, stability, cooperation, and development.

He also asked Kerry to keep promoting the US Government’s attention, resources, and finance for the collaboration in education and training with Vietnam, along with the creation of favourable conditions for Vietnamese students in the US.

In particular, Phuc suggested the US continue investing in the Fulbright University Vietnam, which is also the “brainchild” of Kerry./.