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President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology remains alive: Korean professor

President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology remains alive: Korean professor The ideology of patriotic nationalism pursued by President Ho Chi Minh remains alive today amidst a rise in competition for power among major countries, Professor Choi Gyu Youb from the Republic of Korea’s Hanshin University told Vietnam News Agency.

The Korean professor admired the the great personality of the late leader who was largely respected even by enemies. Under the wise leadership of President Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam defeated two major powers – French colonialists and American imperialists, Choi noted, quoting the late leader as saying Vietnam possesses a weapon more formidable than the most advance one of the Americans, which is people’s solidarity and patriotic nationalism.

He praised President Ho Chi Minh as a brilliant strategist who had a historical vision and decisions, saying his strategies were flexible, depending on each circumstance, to achieve the ultimate victory.

According to Prof. Choi, holding on to the philosophy that all power comes from the people, Ho Chi Minh lived and worked with the people, and set a great example for others. Throughout his life, the leader always cared for the people and shared their joy and sorrow.

Choi also said that documents on President Ho Chi Minh can be found in the Republic of Korea in a small quantity, so Vietnam should pay more attention to popularising the official ones./.