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President highly values Cao Dai followers’ contributions to country

President Nguyen Xuan Phuc appreciated Cao Dai followers’ contributions to the country throughout history while receiving leaders of the religion’s churches and organisations in Hanoi on June 29.

He said Caodaism is a religion coming into being in Vietnam, and during its development process, it has helped diversify the country’s traditional culture and uphold solidarity when encouraging its dignitaries and followers to stand side by side with the nation.

During the resistance wars for national independence as well as national development and defence efforts at present, Cao Dai followers have always upheld their patriotic spirit and contributed to national liberation and construction, he noted, adding that the Party and State always appreciate their dedications.

The Party and State have paid great attention to and given support for religious activities, including those of Caodaism. They have been working to ensure people’s right to freedom of religion and create conditions for religious followers and dignitaries to practice their religions properly, according to the State leader.

President Phuc expressed his hope that Cao Dai churches and organisations will remain united and guide their nearly three million followers to practice in conformity with the religion’s principles and goals.

He also called on them to bring into play patriotism, join hands with authorities to fight against hostile forces that take advantage of religious activities to sabotage the State and national development, and encourage followers to strive for a prosperous and happy life.

For their part, the Cao Dai representatives said they hoped the President and all-level authorities will continue creating favourable conditions for the activities of their churches and organisations, help them expand foreign relations, and build and upgrade places of worship./.