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Preserving Dong Ngu water puppetry

Preserving Dong Ngu water puppetry

With passion, enthusiasm, and a great deal of effort, local people in the Dong Ngu water puppetry village in Ngu Thai commune, Thuan Thanh district, in Bac Ninh province have sought a way to revive its glory days and reaffirm the vitality of their ancestors’ age-old practice.

Founded in the 10th century, Dong Ngu water puppetry reflects the humble lives of people in northern Vietnam’s Red River Delta. The audience will be intrigued by folk tales and “Quan Ho” love duets unique to the troupe.

The villagers of Dong Ngu travel dozens of times each year to perform and promote their water puppetry before audiences all over Vietnam. The puppeteers have a hectic schedule, telling 200 folk tales using 1,000 puppets at more than 700 shows each year.

Hundreds of ancient plays in Dong Ngu water puppetry have been restaged and the performers’ incomes have improved. A number of travel agencies have included Dong Ngu on their tours, which has been greatly appreciated by visitors from both home and abroad./.