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Preparing to welcome international visitors back to Vietnam

With efforts to both control and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure economic development, along with the serious implementation of pilot projects regarding “vaccine passports”, the tourism sector expects that international visitors will be able to freely enter Vietnam starting from the third quarter.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism proposed a plan to welcome international visitors from mid-2020, but this was delayed due to further outbreaks.

Thanks to mass vaccination programmes, domestic and international tourism have both seen positive developments. This has presented the possibility of introducing an initiative to welcome international visitors holding vaccine passports, in accordance with a strict process to continue to ensure safety in tourism activities.

International markets targeted by the tourism sector are the Republic of Korea, Japan, and possibly Taiwan (China).

The pilot decision is based on sound anti-pandemic criteria having been adopted in countries and territories, bilateral agreements, and the acceptance of anti-pandemic and vaccination results by both sides.

The business community is looking forward to a return of the international market, joining the recovering domestic market.

With limited openings, safety requirements for citizens and workers in the tourism sector remain the priority. The implementation of the initiative is therefore being carefully studied by the tourism sector.

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has proposed that central Quang Nam province become the first locality to welcome international visitors, and is now waiting for the Prime Minister’s approval./.