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PM stresses resolve to realise 2022 targets at highest possible level

PM stresses resolve to realise 2022 targets at highest possible level Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has affirmed to the National Assembly that the Government and local administrations will continue to drastically implement set measures and tasks while fixing shortcomings so as to realise the year's targets to the highest possible level and create a driving force for next year.

In his speech to the NA following the final Q&A session in Hanoi on November 5, the PM gave a brief review on the socio-economic performance in the past 10 months and called attention to new developments in the world situation, particularly risk factors.

He highlighted a need to pursue the consistent goal of stabilising macro-economy, controlling inflation, promoting growth and ensuring major balances of the economy. 

"We should continue to carry out a cautious and flexible monetary policy in close, synchronous and effective combination with fiscal policy and others, ensuring liquidity and suitable credit growth as well as the safety of the banking system and currency security," he said.

As regards to the stock, corporate bonds and property markets, PM Chinh said those markets saw hot growth recently with implicit risks. He said along with intensifying inspection and supervision and strictly handling violations, the Government has directed amending related regulations and roll out concerted measures to shore up the markets and ensure they operate in a transparent, healthy and sustainable manners in line with the law.
In the time ahead, the Government will continue to focus on perfecting institutions, first of all proposing the NA amend laws on securities and businesses,  as well as revising relevant decrees and circulars to improve the openness, transparency and accountability of firms, the PM said. He added that the Government will improve the management of the auctions of land use rights and capital mobilisation by property developers, and remove obstacles for the development of industrial real estate and social housing.

Mentioning the shortage of petrol in some localities recently, the PM said it was caused by many reasons, including fast changes in petrol prices and supply sources along with the slow revision of domestic rules regarding petrol trade and the lax coordination and slow response among management agencies.
He said the Government is directing relevant agencies to take prompt policy actions to ensure sufficient supply of petrol for production and trade. 

The Government leader also spoke about the disbursement of public investment capital, stressing that the Government is drastically directing the correction of weaknesses and removing obstacles to accelerate the work, toward the goal of disbursing at least 95% of the plan.   

He reported that the Government is directing ministries, agencies and localities to review and suggest amendments to relevant laws to ensure the supply of medicines and medical equipment, cut unnecessary expenditures to pool resources for other urgent and priority tasks such as salary reform, construction of key infrastructure works, social welfare and the three national target programmes./.