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PM order strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control

The Prime Minister has issued a dispatch on strengthening COVID-19 prevention and control, amid the complicated developments of the pandemic around the world.

In the document dated April 23, he said the risk of pandemic resurgence in the country remains, especially as a result of illegal entries and failure to follow prevention and control measures.

The PM asked ministries, ministry-level and Government agencies, People’s Committees of the centrally-run cities and provinces to stay vigilant, uphold the responsibility of leaders while adopting drastic, concerted and effective measures with the principle of active prevention, early discovery, quick quarantine, effective treatment and rapid stabilisation of the situation.

They were also required to inspect the implementation of the Health Ministry’s 5K regulations, especially wearing masks in public places, crowd areas and on public transport means.

The PM also ordered the avoidance of unnecessary gatherings. In case such events are held, prevention and control measures must be guaranteed.

The Health Ministry will continue perfecting prevention and control measures on the national scale, offer instructions to ensure safety in large events, effectively follow the Government’s Resolution on the purchase and use of COVID-19 vaccines, actively access sources of vaccines worldwide and step up research and production of vaccines at home.

The ministries of national defence and public security, and the People’s Committees of centrally-run cities and provinces were assigned to continue closely controlling immigration in border areas, especially in the southwest.

Quarantine facilities must also be closely monitored to prevent cross and local infections./.