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PM calls for youth’s stronger engagement in COVID-19 fight

 Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc urged the youth to engage more strongly in the fight against the COVID-19 while speaking at a working session with the Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) Central Committee in Hanoi on March 25, one day ahead of the union’s founding anniversary.

At the meeting, First Secretary of the committee Le Quoc Phong said over the recent past, it has actively reformed the union’s activities and youth movements to attract more young people.

The theme “Year of Youth Volunteers” in 2019 received warm response from HCYU cadres and members and other young people. Activities during the year were organised in a widespread and regular manner from the central to grassroots levels, he said, noting that the number of young people taking part in voluntary activities last year rose three folds from 2018.

The Secretariat of the committee hopes that in the coming time, the PM will support the creation of favourable conditions and mechanisms for the union to perform its tasks in representing children’s voices and aspirations, and uniting overseas young Vietnamese, Phong added.

The secretariat also proposed the PM approve the establishment of the “Vietnam youth initiative for the community” programme and a social skill training system for young Vietnamese people.

Addressing the event, PM Phuc applauded the union and relevant organisations’ contributions to the country, especially during the “Year of Youth Volunteers” in 2019.

He said over the last three months, the union’s cadres, members and other youngsters have actively joined hands in the combat against the COVID-19 as manifested through their organisation of hand-washing stations, medical students’ support for anti-coronavirus activities, and distribution of free face masks.

The leader requested the union to get young people involved in the COVID-19 prevention and control more strongly, multiply effective models in the work, and mobilise social resources for the combat.

Stressing the need to capitalise on the “golden time” to contain the coronavirus spread, he said the 6.3 million union’s members have not only to make health declaration but also to help other people do so to help authorities sort persons vulnerable to virus infection.

Additionally, the PM ordered the committee to continue programmes and activities to promote young Vietnamese’s capacity to meet national development and defence requirements and bring into play the youth’s role in realising common tasks of the nation.

He also told sectors and all-level authorities to increase coordination to better care for the youth’s demand and interests and further assist youngsters to access job opportunities.