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Picture of Vietnamese rice terraces enters prestigious photography contest

A picture of Vietnamese terraced fields has been entered in the Amateur Nature-Landscape category at The EPSON International Panoramic Photography Awards 2021.

Through the lens of Spanish photographer Felipe Souto, the picture has featured the unique beauty of the fields stretching along the overlapping mountain slopes in northwestern Vietnam Nam.

According to contest judge, David Evans, the standard of entries has reached new heights. Despite the pandemic and so many other challenges, photographers can still deliver incredible images.

Terraced fields are a long-standing farming method, a technique passed down through generations and the brainchild of people living in mountainous areas of Vietnam.

This method is completely different from other countries that use wet rice cultivation in Southeast Asia. The terraced fields of Viethna show a knowledge and understanding of how to take advantage of terrain and water.

Capturing the panorama, Felipe Souto's photo harmonises muted colours with a majestic natural background.

The 12th EPSON International Pano Awards is dedicated to the craft and art of panoramic photography and is the world's largest competition devoted to the genre.

This year, the international panoramic photography awards received more than 5,378 entries from 1,245 professional and amateur photographers from 97 countries around the world./.