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Photo book on Party’s 90-year history published

A photo book reflecting the 90-year history of the Communist Party of Vietnam has been published by the Vietnam News Agency Publishing House.

The Vietnamese-English bilingual book, entitled “90 years of the Communist Party of Vietnam”, makes debut on the occasion of the Party’s 90th founding anniversary (February 3).

It features more than 600 file photos collected from various sources, including the archives department of the Party Central Committee’s Office, the National Archives Centre, the Vietnam National Museum of History, and the Ho Chi Minh Museum.

The book looks back on the Party’s history, from its establishment and leadership of the fight to seize power (1930-1945) to its leadership of the Doi moi (Reforms) period (1986-2020), once again affirming the Party’s role, prestige, leadership capacity and combat strength during almost a century full of changes in the country’s history.

It also aims to help inspire the people’ pride of and trust in the Party, President Ho Chi Minh and the country’s Doi moi process.