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Pho named world’s 20th best food experience

Vietnamese pho has been named the world’s 20th best food experience by world travel guide book publisher the Lonely Planet.

Pho on the Hau River along 500 other dishes was selected as for the book Ultimate Eatlist: The World’s Top 500 Food Experiences...Ranked published on August 15.

The list was topped by pintxos in San Sebastian, Spain, followed by curry laksa in Kuala Lumpur and sushi in Tokyo.

Pho on the Hau River and 500 other dishes were selected as one of the best dishes in Lonely Planet’s new book "Ultimate Eatlist: The World’s Top 500 Food Experiences...Ranked". Photo:

Entries were nominated by Lonely Planet writers, bloggers and staffers and whittled down to a final 500 by a panel including chef and TV presenter Adam Liaw and food blogger Leyla Kazim.

Recommendations from world-renowned chefs José Andrés, Elena Arzak and Eric Ripert; television food star Andrew Zimmern; BBC MasterChef judge and chef Monica Galetti; and 15 more of the world’s top chefs and food writers were also included, CNN reported.

Per the book, the ranking is not about the perfect meal at a three-Michelin star restaurant, but how a dish tastes, its cultural significance and the importance of the location where it’s made and eaten.

"When you have a salad Nicoise in New York, you might think, oh this is nice," Lonely Planet destinations editor Matt Phillips told CNN Travel.

The final list is based on taste, cultural importance and "the special atmosphere of the location.”

Each entry in the Ultimate Eatlist details an experience, the culture behind it and what makes it so special, Lonely Planet says.

Earlier in June, travel site Rough Guides named Vietnam’s iconic noodle soup, pho, among the world’s 15 best foods that are easy on a globetrotter’s pocket.

A bowl of pho contains flat, soft rice noodles dipped in a fragrant beef or chicken broth flavoured with different condiments. It is served with beef or chicken, shallots and chili and lemon to taste.

The soup originated from Hanoi before it was brought to the south where people added their own influences to the dish.

Ultimate Eatlist is the follow-up to Lonely Planet’s bestselling Ultimate Travelist and is a must-own bucket list for foodies and those who love to travel.