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Petrol prices rise over 700 VND per litre

From 17:00 of July 17, the retail price of RON95-III increased 718 VND to a maximum level of 21,235 VND per litre, while the ceiling price of bio-fuel E5 RON 92 was up 626 VND to 20,279 VND per litre.

The changes were made following the latest adjustment by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance on July 17.

The two ministries review fuel prices every 15 days to adjust domestic prices in accordance with swings in the global market.

The prices of diesel 0.05S and kerosene are capped at 16,997 VND and 15,959 VND per litre, respectively. Meanwhile, Mazut 180CST 3.5S is sold at no more than 15,980 VND per kilogramme.

This is the second hike in petrol prices, with total rise of over 1,000 VND per litre. Earlier, petrol prices declined three consecutive times.