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Pepper industry sees good recovery

After years of fluctuations, in 2021, the pepper industry enjoyed a good growth to regain its position as one of the major export products with revenue from 1 billion USD.

Due to high demands and low production, a shortage in supply of pepper in the world market is forecast for 2022.

According to Do Ha Nam, Chairman of Intimex import-export company, the price of material peppercorns may reach 100,000 VND (4.41 USD) per kilo in 2022 or even higher when demands rise. He said Vietnamese pepper farmers and exporters hope that peppercorn selling price will hit 150,000 VND (6.61 USD) per kilo.

Experts held that in order to speed up the recovery of the sector, clear plans on production and quality are crucial, along with information on the output of other countries to ensure supply-demand balance.

At the same time, the sector is in need of support from the State in the form of timely and sufficient information on pepper farming areas, pepper output and sales in Vietnam and other countries, along with policies to encourage investment in agriculture and foster linkages in agricultural production and selling.

They also stressed the need for farmers to improve their farming techniques for higher product quality, and keep updated on the market.

According to the Vietnam Pepper Association (VPA), in 2021, Vietnam’s pepper export volume was estimated to reach 260,000 tonnes, earning 950 million USD. The export decreased 9 percent in volume but jumped 44 percent in value year-on-year./.