The new guidance by the Health Ministry on April 15 gives new definitions of COVID-19 patients (or F0), and F1 cases, along with medical measures for them, which takes into account the high vaccination coverage and a strong decline in both serious cases and fatalities due to COVID-19.

Accordingly, F0 patients are those testing positive for SARS-CoV-2 by RT-PCR method, or those who either show clinical symptoms or have epidemiological factors, and have positive antigen test result.

Meanwhile, F1 cases are those who have direct body contact with F0(s) during the transmission period, or stay together with F0(s) within 1m in distance or in closed space for at least 15 minutes wearing masks or not, or personally care for, give checking and treatment to F0 during the transmission period without wearing personal protective equipment.

The new rules require both F0 and F1 cases to follow prescribed epidemic prevention measures.

Even though no longer required to self-quarantine, F1 cases are required to wear facemasks, regularly wash or disinfect hands, and avoid close contact with others. They should self-monitor their health and quickly contact medical establishments when having suspicious symptoms in order to receive testing, consultation, medical checks and treatment.

The new guidance replaces the previous ones on the definition of F0 and F1 cases and relevant  medical quarantine measures./.