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Peach, kumquat tree growers busy ahead of Tet

Gardeners growing peaches in Nhat Tan village and kumquat trees in Tu Lien village in Hanoi's Tay Ho district are busy preparing thousands of peach roots and kumquat pots for the Tet (Lunar New Year) market.

In Nhat Tan village these days, the laughter mixed with the enthusiastic working atmosphere of the peach farmers in the cold weather reminds us that spring is approaching.

The peach roots bear small flower buds, carefully nurtured by the farmers’ skilled hands so they produce the most beautiful flowers to sell for Tet.

At this time, caring for the peach trees is not as strenuous as when the leaves are plucked, but farmers still have to eat and sleep with the trees.

According to Nguyen Van Hanh, who owns a peach garden with more than 400 trees, when it comes to peach care, dedication to the profession is indispensable.

But the most important factor is the weather.

“From the moment we are preparing to pluck the leaves to the time of selling peach blossoms, we have to monitor the weather continuously. If it is too cold, it must be better fertilised, but this weather is normal, there is no need to fertilise. If the tree is a little younger, you must water it more,” said Hanh.

Many large agencies and companies have come to Nhật Tân peach village and Tu Lien kumquat village to buy or rent trees for the new year.

Choosing a broad canopy Nhat Tan peach tree with many flower buds and young buds, Thieu Chi Huynh, a worker from the Vinh Yen city in Vinh Phuc's province, said: “Last year I bought a peach tree here and it was beautiful until a month later. Peach trees here have very high quality”.

Next to Nhat Tan village, Tu Lien kumquat village is also bustling with customers. Besides traditional kumquat pots, this year, artisans of the village have many unique ideas about the shape of a buffalo for the year of Tan Suu – the year of buffalo.

According to some garden owners, the bonsai kumquat pots shaped like the back of a buffalo have many special meanings. A golden buffalo symbolises the desire for health and prosperity. The buffalo is an inheritance, strong and hard-working, so it symbolises the desire to have health, fortune and prosperity in the new year.

Not only in Hanoi, but kumquat tree growers in many provinces and cities are also busy pruning the leaves and beautifying the trees. The work of nurturing the lush trees so that the fruits are ripe and flowering on the occasion of Tet holiday requires a lot of care.

With the creativity of gardeners, kumquats and peach trees in Tet holiday in more and more shapes are available, meeting the high and diverse demands of the people, bringing bright and radiant spring colours to everyone./.