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Party leader, President presides over Political Bureau’s meeting

Party General Secretary, President Nguyen Phu Trong on May 15 presided over a meeting in Hanoi of the Political Bureau to give ideas on the preparations for the coming 10th plenum of the Party Central Committee, the seventh session of the National Assembly (NA), and on a number of other important issues.

After listening to reports and discussion among the Politburo members, the leader concluded that the Political Bureau welcomes and highly values the active work by the sub-committees preparing for the 13th Party Congress and other relevant offices. The Political Bureau asked them to continue and review their work to ensure that the coming events will arrive at fine success.

He stressed that the coming NA session is of great importance, expected to pass and give ideas on many law projects and resolutions. It is important that the NA Standing Committee, the Government and other relevant offices discuss and prepare thoroughly the contents, continue renovating the organization and management forms, and bring into full play the wisdom and responsibility of the participants.

The leader emphasized that more attention and closer direction must be given to the Party congresses of the lower levels, from the contents to the personnel work, this year and in 2020. The fact that more attention is paid to the personnel work than to the regular ones must be addressed, while a resolute attitude must be shown against the illegal lobbying acts for positions and power. Those who engage in this evil must not be used, he stressed and ordered other Politburo and Secretariat members to get a firm consensus on the above-mentioned spirit.

The coming work are many and complicated while the time left is very short, so agencies of the Party, NA, Government and the Vietnam Fatherland Front as well as other organisations must reach a closer and more timely coordination so as to ensure that the operation of the Party, State and the whole political system is smooth, concerted and highly effective.

Also at the meeting, on the basis of a report by the Party Central Committee’s Organisation Commission, the Political Bureau decided on a number of personnel cases which come under its management.