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Party chief orders more drastic actions against corruption

Party chief orders more drastic actions against corruption

Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has ordered Party commitees, organisations and competent agencies to continue with more drastic, rapid actions and stronger determination to fight corruption and negative phenomena.  

During a meeting of the Central Steering Committee for Corruption and Negative Phenomena Prevention and Control’s standing board in Hanoi on November 18, Party chief Trong, who is also its head, asked for perfecting institutions to fill gaps, along with implementing anti-corruption solutions; strengthening inspection, supervision, and audit; and prosecuting those involved in corruption.

Violations must be punished strictly without any forbidden zone or exception, he said, adding that violators who fled abroad must also be investigated, prosecuted and punished in line with the law.

Stronger crackdown on corruption and negative behaviours, stronger public trust in the Party, State and regime, he said. This will make important contributions to promoting socio-economic development, maintaining political stability, consolidating national defence-security and external affairs while rejecting wrongful allegations of hostile forces.

He said fighting corruption and negative phenomena is a tough, complicated and long-term task, and asked the standing board to remove obstacles and speed up investigation, prosecution and trial of cases under the watch of the Steering Committee, striving to investigate 11 more cases, launch proceedings against nine others, hold first-instance trials of 11 cases and appeal trials of three cases, and finish the investigation and handling of 21 cases as planned this year, particularly high-profile cases causing serious consequences and State asset loss.

The Government’s Party Affairs Board was assigned to fix shortcomings in mechanisms, policies and laws related to bidding, management and use of land and public property, public-private partnership, banking-finance, financial autonomy, securities, corporate bonds, construction planning, among others.

It was also tasked with urgently completing a thematic inspection on the procurement of equipment, biological products, test kits and medicines for COVID-19 prevention and control, and other thematic inspections as planned by the Steering Committee; and improving the efficiency of corrupt asset recovery, especially in cases under the watch of the Steering Committee.

Since the beginning of its 13th tenure, the Politburo, the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat and Commission for Inspection have disciplined 67 officials under the management of the Politburo and the Secretariat, including seven members and six former members of the Party Central Committee. For the first time, three members of the Party Central Committee have been relieved. Localities also dismissed one Chairperson of the provincial People’s Council and two chairpersons of the provincial People’s Committees.

Competent agencies temporarily seized, blocked accounts, prevented transactions of assets valued at over 160,000 billion VND (6.9 billion USD) and many other valuable assets. Civil judgment enforcement agencies recovered nearly 16,000 billion VND./.