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Pandemic response strategy should cover aid for economic recovery: NA committee

The National Assembly (NA)’s Committee for Economic Affairs has asked the Government to carry out a pandemic response strategy that includes support for economic recovery and development.

The committee made the request in a report verifying the outcomes of the Government’s implementation of the socio-economic development plan for 2021 as part of the 15th NA’s second session that opened on October 20 morning.

The report, delivered by chairman of the committee Vu Hong Thanh, emphasised that the fight against COVID-19 has been carried out in a drastic, comprehensive, and timely manner, resulting in important outcomes, and that the governance of the macro-economy has reaped multiple successes this year.

However, it also demanded the Government to rectify the shortcomings in the COVID-19 prevention and control, and provide a detailed and practical report on supply chain disruptions and the shortages of workers and experts in some localities and industrial parks.

The Government was asked to map out solutions to workers leaving big provinces and cities, measures for attracting them back to their workplaces, and ways to create jobs for those who have returned to their hometowns.

For the remaining months of 2021, the NA's Committee for Economic Affairs requested the Government to exert utmost efforts to combat COVID-19, protect people’s health and lives, and quickly address difficulties and obstacles.

The Cabinet also needs to strongly promote the disbursement of public investment capital, guarantee social security, reopen schools, and promptly prepare a programme on economic recovery and development to be submitted to the NA.

It should consider the feasibility of the GDP growth target of 6 - 6.5 percent for next year and give a more detailed and persuasive explanation of the budget overspending and export - import balance, according to the committee./.