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Over 80 wild animals reintroduced at national park

Eighty-eight wild animals were reintroduced to the nature at Chu Mom Ray National Park, the Central Highlands province of Kon Tum, on March 25.

The released animals comprised 80 tortoises, two varanuses, two stump-tailed macaques, two pig-tailed macaques, one pygmy slow loris, and one reticulated python.

Some of them have been saved from wildlife trafficking while others had been voluntarily handed over by local residents.

Tran Quoc Tuan, Deputy Director of the centre for animal rescue, conservation and development under the management board of Chu Mon Ray National Park, said his centre has rescued, cared for and released hundreds of endangered wild animals like red-shanked doucs, stump-tailed macaques, big-headed turtles, golden coin turtles and northern buffed-cheeked gibbons.

According to the Education for Nature-Vietnam (ENV), 521 endangered wildlife animals were saved in Vietnam in 2018 thanks to the engagement of people and law enforcement agencies. Meanwhile, up to 1,666 wildlife-related violations were also detected, of which 64 percent involved illegally in advertising and trading endangered animals and products made from them.