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Over 115,000 health declarations filled out on NCOVI app

More than 115,000 voluntary health declarations have been filled out on the app – NCOVI as of March 13, according to data by the group of app developers.

Of the number, 693 declarants said they contacted COVID-19 cases, more than 1,000 said they returned from epidemic-hit areas, and 890 others reported that they had contacts with people from epidemic-hit areas.

Meanwhile, over 680 people gave feedback on the NCOVI app.

As many as 120,000 and 30,000 downloads of the app from the Android and iOS operating systems, respectively, were reported.

The app development is the latest effort by Vietnam in the fight against the acute respiratory disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

Data collected through the apps will enable the health sector to learn about cases in need of medical support in the fastest and most effective manner.

The Ministries of Health, and Information and Communications have suggested all Vietnamese use NCOVI to report their health status, while getting updated on relevant information.

Meanwhile, passengers entering Vietnam are recommended to use the “Vietnam health declaration” app for the same purposes.

As of March 13, Vietnam had reported 44 COVID-19 cases, 16 of them were discharged from hospital after their complete recovery./