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Original ethnic festival lures visitors to Moc Chau

Pray for rain festival is the most important ceremony in the year of the white Thai in Muong Sang commune, Moc Chau, Son La province.

The festival is to pray for the gods’ support for favorable weather and bumper crops throughout the year. It is an original religious event which shows the Thai’s belief in the close relation between nature and humans and their respect for nature.

The night before the festival is held, villagers prepare the offerings and make a tree decorated with bamboo birds and balm crickets, and small baskets containing chicken eggs and clam shells.

The festival includes a formality in which in the early morning Thai women fetch water from the village’s water source for offering to the gods because water is believed to bring in good growth of crops and well-being of animals.

The officiating ritual is followed by festive activities which include traditional dances of the ethnic group.

The festival has now become a tourist event which attracts a lot of visitors to Moc Chau.