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Organic farming not for mass production

The market is witnessing a rapid increase in demand for farm products, especially organic ones. However, supply has yet to catch up with the demand.

Thanh Xuan commune in Hanoi’s outskirts district of Soc Son is one of the few certified organic vegetable growing areas over the the last 10 years. With a total planting area of more than 30ha, the commune now provides 60-90 tonnes of organic fruit and vegetables to the market every month. However, the amount is just a quarter of the supply distributors are looking for.

Organic produce requires a certain standard of clean breeding, soil, and water sources. In the context of soil pollution, it’s hard to plan for an organic farming area and as such, there are only just over 70,000ha of organic farming area in the country to date.

With the current poor production conditions, cooperatives and authorities have said that mass production is not a good choice for organic methods, even with the rising demand for organic products.