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Opening ceremonies for new school year may be held online: Official

Localities that practice social distancing must put the health and safety of students and teachers above all else, and depending on local circumstances can hold opening ceremonies for the new school year online, an education official has said.

With only two and a half weeks to go before the new school year begins on September 5, the COVID-19 situation remains complex, said Nguyen Xuan Thanh, Director of the Secondary Education Department at the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), adding that the ministry has prepared for different COVID-19 scenarios.

When health and safety can’t be guaranteed, opening ceremonies should be held online but a message should be conveyed that studies definitely continue.

The MoET will request schools boost the application of IT in teaching and learning to cope with developments, he noted, adding that distance learning via the internet and TV earlier this year had been carried out methodically and in line with the curriculum.

Given developments, the ministry is now working to streamline curricula, Thanh said.

According to MoET regulations, starting from the 2020-2021 academic year, students at pre-education and general education establishments will be back to school on September 1 at the earliest, with opening ceremonies to be organised on September 5.

The first semester will finish before January 16 and the second before May 25. The school year is to wrap up before May 31./.