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No Vietnamese victims reported in Indonesia quakes, tsunami

No Vietnamese has been reported dead or missing in Palu city, Sulawesi province, after strong earthquakes and tsunami occurred in Indonesia on September 28, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry said the Embassy of Vietnam in Indonesia has promptly learned about the situation and carry out necessary protection measures if any Vietnamese was affected.

The embassy also confirmed that 10 Vietnamese students studying at Tadulako University in Palu city are safe.

It has established a working group to ask for assistance from search and rescue agencies, universities and Vietnamese people in neighbouring localities if required.

The students are also advised to remain calm and closely follow guidance and notice of the local disaster prevention agency and keep in touch with the embassy’s staff.

The Consular Department under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has worked with the embassy to arrange accommodations for the students until the situation become stable.

In case of emergency, it is recommended to contact the hotline of the Vietnamese Embassy +62811161025 and +62213100358, or the citizen protection hotline +84 981848484, or the hotline of the urgent search and rescue team: Akris 081288035909, Gayur 082116442362, Arifin 085284951234, Irwan 085299267110, Sayudi 082291999669, Ariman 085145000022.

At least 384 people were killed, 29 other still missing and 540 injured as rescue teams scoured the ravaged city of Palu, Central Sulawesi, on September 29, a day after strong earthquakes and tsunami hit the region.