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Ninh Thuan’s traditional pottery preserved and promoted

The tradition of pottery making plays an important role in the socio-economic and cultural development of the Cham ethnic people. Pottery items are used in the daily activities of Cham families. The making of pottery by Cham people has been applied for UNESCO’s designation as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in need of urgent protection.

Nowadays, Cham pottery is mostly found in Ligok village in Binh Thuan province and Hamu Crok village in Ninh Thuan province. In use since the late 12th century, Bau Truc is often considered one of the oldest pottery villages in Southeast Asia to still preserve the traditional pottery-making method.

The whole process of making Cham pottery in these villages exudes a distinctive artistic value, bearing the unique culture of the nation. Ceramic products are crafted entirely by hand, without a turntable, therefore they are very unique.

In order to preserve and promote the value of traditional pottery of local people, in 2017 the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism recognised the art of making traditional Cham pottery as national intangible cultural heritage.

In order to promote the artistic value of traditional pottery, an international seminar on the preservation and promotion of the traditional art of making pottery of Cham people was held late last year to further promote the traditional craft.