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Nhan Dan Newspaper returns to L’Humanité festival in France

Nhan Dan (People) Newspaper has launched a booth at the 84th Fête de l'Humanité, an annual festival of French newspaper L’Humanité, which is underway at La Courneuve Park in the suburbs of Paris.

The opening, which took place on September 13, saw the presence of member of Nhan Dan Newspaper’s Editorial Board Pham Song Ha, Politburo member of the French Communist Party (PCF) Denis Rondepierre, Vietnamese Ambassador in France Nguyen Thiep, and Lao Ambassador Yong Chanthalangsy.

In his remarks, Ha said it is an honour for Nhan Dan Newspaper to attend the festival, adding Vietnam always treasures long-standing relations with the PCF which have been nurtured by President Ho Chi Minh and many generations of leaders from the Communist Parties of Vietnam and France.

Rondepierre, for his part, said he appreciated Nhan Dan Newspaper for attending the festival every year, noting it demonstrates the close ties between the two Parties and newspapers.

The booth helps introduce Vietnam’s achievements to French and international visitors and shows friendship and solidarity for a world of equality, fairness, progress, happiness and peace, he said.

On display are various newspaper publications and books telling stories about President Ho Chi Minh and Vietnam’s economic development and depicting the country’s nature, culture and people.

The Fête de l'Humanité, held in mid-September annually, is viewed as a gathering of French communists and left-wing activists from all over the world to celebrate and debate.

It is not only an important political event but also a festival of French people, especially the youth, as it provides a platform for participants to introduce their countries’ culture, tourism and cuisine.

The festival attracted around 600,000 visitors from across France and many parts of the world every year. This year, it runs through September 15 (local time).