The 600-page book, entitled Chu Tich Ho Chi Minh Voi The Duc The Thao (President Ho Chi Minh with Sport and Physical Training), will unveil several historical facts never before disclosed. The bilingual Vietnamese-English book also features the teachings of President Ho on physical training. The publication is expected to be a handbook for all classes of State officers, soldiers and people seeking to improve their physical training, following the late President’s example.

During his life, President Ho always maintained his self-discipline to exercise to improve his health, aiming to devote himself to serve the country and his people. Positively and creatively, he exercised in any circumstance, even when he was jailed.

According to President Ho, health enhancement is the duty of every patriot.

“Maintaining democracy, building the country, creating a new life, everything requires health to be successful. Every weak citizen means the whole country is weak, every healthy citizen means the whole country is healthy. Therefore, exercising and improving health is the duty of every patriot,” he wrote in his “A Call for All People to Exercise" released in March 27, 1946.

His enthusiasm to do physical exercises and practice sports has inspired many younger generations to follow.

The book will be released on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the day when President Ho delivered his speech declaring Vietnamese independence on Ba Dinh Square, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (2/9/1945-2022).

The book has been published thanks to the joint efforts of the Historical Heritage of President Ho Chi Minh at the Presidential Palace, the Sports and Tourism Publishing House, and the Institute of Educational and Environmental Science.

The special publication will be presented and introduced to visitors of the Historical Heritage of President Ho.

Anyone wishing to learn more about President Ho’s life, career and his revolutionary ideology, can also purchase the book by dialing hotline 0967186597, or on website