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Nearly 900 border soldiers, medical workers in Tay Ninh get COVID-19 vaccine shots

As many as 894 soldiers and medical workers who work along the borderline in southwestern Tay Ninh province received the first doses of COVID-19 vaccine on April 1.

The vaccination drive was organised by the Border Guard Command of Tay Ninh province and the 175 Military Hospital.

The hospital has arranged staff and facilities at vaccination sites to offer medical assistance to anyone reporting side effects from the vaccine.

Frontline workers in six provinces on the southwest border are also expected to be inoculated during the vaccination drive, which will last until the end of April.

The vaccinations will be carried out at hospitals, clinics and mobile sites that are suitable to the border guard force’s conditions as well as ensuring that they are fully vaccinated.

Colonel Nguyen Tai Son, Political Commissar of the Border Guard Command of Tay Ninh province, said the COVID-19 vaccination for border guard forces was important because there were already community outbreaks in Cambodia, near the border with Vietnam.

Tay Ninh province has a 240km border with Cambodia. There are 129 checkpoints with more than 800 soldiers on duty along the border./.