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National single app for COVID-19 control PC-Covid debuts

The national COVID-19 prevention and control app PC-Covid Viet Nam, was made available on App Store and CH Play for smartphones using iOS or Android from September 30, developed from Bluezone.

Smartphone users who already installed Bluezone can update the app to PC-Covid with full functions.

PC-Covid will become the single app for all COVID-19 prevention and control activities in the country. It has been added with all functions of the previously-launched apps such as VHD, Bluezone and NCOVI.

Particularly, the PC-Covid provides the “COVID-19 card” to users who have fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or recovered from COVID-19, enabling them to travel and join social activities in the new normal period.

A QR code included in the app will serve as a single personal code used in all apps and platforms related to pandemic prevention and control.

A representative from the Ministry of Information and Communications said detailed requirements for green, yellow and red COVID-19 cards will be issued by the Ministry of Health.

Major functions of the app include showing “COVID-19 card” status, making health declarations, searching for COVID-19 vaccination information and testing results, supporting movement tracking, indicating map of risks and providing news on overall pandemic prevention and control strategy.

However, the app will not replace the “So suc khoe dien tu” (electronic health records) app, which serves long-term overall medical activities of users./.