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National conference reviews journalism activities in 2022

A national journalism conference was held in Ho Chi Minh City on December 24 to review activities in 2022 and launch tasks for next year.

Addressing the event, Nguyen Trong Nghia, Secretary of the Party Central Committee and head of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, emphasised the press’s important role in performing information and education tasks of the Party, protecting the Party’s ideological foundation, and refuting wrongful viewpoints of hostile forces.

He asked press agencies to continue closely following the Party’s targets on journalism management and development, especially the orientation for building revolutionary, professional, humane, and modern press.

In particular, he noted, in its sixth session, the 13th Party Central Committee also underlined the need to strongly apply science and technology while bringing into play the human factor in journalism activities.

In her remarks, Director General of the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) Vu Viet Trang held that building a professional, humane, and modern journalism environment should be a target of the revolutionary press in the digital era since the ultimate goal of the revolutionary press is to serve the Fatherland and people and navigate people towards humane values.

Aside from complying with legal regulations, journalists should also show a high sense of responsibility and overcome many objective and subjective barriers to create valuable press works, she added.

A report at the conference highlighted major achievements of journalism activities in 2022 but also pointed out certain problems.

On this occasion, 32 collectives with outstanding performance in journalism activities this year were honoured with certificates of merit by the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, including the VNA’s Department of Domestic News./.