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National Cancer Hospital put under lockdown, more infections detected

All three facilities of Vietnam's National Cancer Hospital, also known as K Hospital, in Hanoi were put under lockdown from 5:30am on May 7, after 10 COVID-19 infections were recorded in the hospital’s Tan Trieu facility.

On May 6 evening, the capital city’s Centre for Disease Control (CDC) also reported additional three cases, including two in Thuong Tin district and one in Dong Anh district.

The case in Dong Anh is related to the outbreak in the National Hospital for Tropical Diseases No.2, which was earlier put under lockdown on May 5.

Meanwhile, the two patients in Thuong Tin district are related to Muong Thanh Hotel in central Da Nang city where a Chinese national who tested positive for the coronavirus stayed.

The Hanoi CDC is coordinating with the medical centres of the two districts to trace those with possible contacts with the patients.

One more new infection was also detected in the northern province of Ha Nam on May 7 morning. The patient is related to the outbreak in Dao Ly commune in Ly Nhan district where 14 cases had been confirmed by the Health Ministry./.