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National Assembly to conduct Q&A on agriculture, rural development

The National Assembly will begin Question-&-Answer activities in the afternoon of June 7, starting with agriculture and rural development issues.

The questions are expected to focus on the organization of production in combination with markets for agricultural products; and coordination in building mechanisms, policies on trade promotion, negotiations on market opening for Vietnamese farm produce.

The deputies will also inquire into measures to control price fluctuations regarding some agriculture and fishery products, animal feed and agricultural materials, the simplification of administrative procedures, the attraction of investment in agriculture, hi-tech application in agriculture, and response to climate change.

The main person to answer the questions will be the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development. Besides, Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh and the ministers of some other ministries will field questions on issues related to areas under their management.

The Q&A session will be broadcast live on national TV and radio./.