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NA Vice Chairman receives Cuban court leader

 National Assembly Vice Chairman Do Ba Ty affirmed that Vietnam highly appreciates the sentiment the Cuban people have given to the country over the past years, during a reception in Hanoi on August 26 for President of the People’s Supreme Court of Cuba Rubén Remigio Ferro.

Ty said the Vietnamese Party and people always bear in mind the enthusiastic support given by the Cuban communist party and people during the resistance war and national development.

On judicial terms, he said the Vietnamese Party and State leaders always strongly support friendship between the two nations’ courts, evidenced by the memorandum of understanding on bilateral cooperation signed in September 2013.

He suggested that both countries continue expanding partnership in diverse areas, especially in the exchange of high-ranking delegations and the sharing of judicial experience.

Ferro, for his part, affirmed that ties with the Vietnamese Party and people are significant to Cuba, adding that the country is refining its new Constitution and that is why it wants to learn from Vietnam’s experience in the field.

He also hailed Vietnam for raising voice in support of Cuba in external relations and overcome difficulties during its national development process.